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Meet Wai Wai - the World's 1st Personal Cooling Pack for Extreme Heat

Every year thousands of people die from heat exposure. As our climate warms, unexpected heat waves are becoming the new norm. 

  • This July, an unexpected heat wave hit Europe and caused over 2,000 heat related deaths in Spain and Portugal over just one week. 
  • The UK declared a "state of emergency" on July 19th when temperatures hit 40.3 C (104.5 F), the highest UK temperature ever on record.
  • According to a recent study, an estimated 20,000 people die each year in North America from hot weather. 

 Don't let this be you or your loved ones.

How Heat Kills

The human body is very delicate and functions within a narrow temperature range. Extreme heat stresses every organ in the human body as it struggles to control its core temperature. The heart plays a crucial role in this, as it helps pump blood away from the central parts of the body to the skin.

For people with pre-existing heart disease or conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, the extra strain placed on the heart by extreme heat can lead to heart attacks and strokes. If heat levels continue to increase, the body suffers from multi-organ failure and eventually death.

How Wai Wai Works

Wai Wai is designed to keep you cool in even the most extreme heat. It circulates ice cold water through 30 ft of thermally-conductive ThermoCore tubing embedded in the pack.

Wai Wai delivers 3x the body heat extraction compared with other commercially available cooling garments. The pack uses ThermoCore nano-material polymers with superior thermal conductivity, improved coolant circulation efficiency, and optimization of coolant temperatures/control to mitigate biological vasoconstriction.

A History of Innovation

ThermoCore technology was originally developed in partnership with the US Army for use in desert environments and the US Navy for shipyard welders working in dangerously hot conditions. When looking at the science of cooling the human body, liquid cooling is the most effective method of heat extraction and leverages the same biomechanics of how the body naturally cools itself. NASA, one of the early pioneers of liquid cooling technology, integrated it into astronaut space suits to manage body temperature in space. 


Wai Wai uses ice or frozen gel packs to deliver intense cooling for up to four hours. Simply fill the included 3L bladder with up to 3L of ice or frozen gel packs and turn on the micro-pump to start circulating water. Easily recharge the pack by adding more ice or replacing frozen gel packs.

Tech Specs

Volume: 5L + Expandable Storage System
Dimensions: 21” x 10” x 9”
Torso Fit Range: 17-22”
Weight: 1.95 lbs
Maximum Cooling Duration: 4 hours
Hydration Capacity: 1.5 L bladder included