An Update From the Team

The latest update from 19°N team for our early backers of the Honu Active Cooling Pack Kickstarter project.

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Honu - Active Cooling Pack

19°N's Honu Active Cooling Pack: lined with ThermoCore™ active cooling technology, Honu was designed to keep consumer wearers ice cold through even the hottest adventures. Click below to read the latest update on the Honu pack.


Our secret sauce is the advanced nano-polymer-based ThermoCore™ tubing material that uses nanotechnology to extract 3x the heat of other leading cooling technologies. The breakthrough material is flexible, tough, and thermally efficient for maximum cooling - for when only the best will do.

A New Breed of Cooling Gear

We’ve spent the past decade developing ThermoCore® Active Cooling technology in collaboration with the United States Military for enhanced cooling gear in extreme environments
ThermoCore® Active Cooling Technology

Liquid cooling is used by NASA Astronauts and Formula 1 Race Car Drivers – ThermoCore™ was adapted for personal outdoor use.

Long Lasting Duration For Any Activity

Our advanced cooling gear uses ice or gel packs to store cold. It's simple, easy to use, and can be recharged in less than 30 seconds!

Made for Extreme Environments

Tested and refined by professional triathletes and avid outdoor athletes in Hawaii’s hottest and most demanding environments.

Meet the Honu

Meet HONU by 19°N

Cool Gear for Hot Environments

19°N is on the leading edge of a new wave in climate enhancement equipment. As our environments heat up, 19°N aims to keep you cool – a new breed of gear for a rapidly changing climate.

ThermoCore™ Active Cooling Technology

The ThermoCore™ Active Cooling Technology powering our cooling gear leverages a decade of research and development with the U.S. Department of Defense to develop new active cooling materials for extreme climates. Extensive research, development, and military spec testing was conducted to develop a highly durable thermally conductive polymer technology that powers our shirts and packs.

Made to support high-exertion activities, our active cooling systems were tested and refined by feedback from professional triathletes and avid hikers in Hawaii's hottest and most demanding environments. In controlled laboratory testing, ThermoCore achieved 3X the heat extraction of other wearable cooling products.

19°N - Our Story

The idea for 19°N was born out of our need for a new breed of outdoor gear in a rapidly changing climate.

Our climate is hot and getting hotter, and 2021 was a year of new records. From the "Heat Dome" over the Pacific Northwest to temperature records being shattered across the world, the Earth's climate is entering a new phase of extreme heat. At 19°N we realized that it’s going to take more than a sun hat and wicking t-shirt to survive outside. To do the things we love outside year round, we need a new breed of gear.

The 19°N team is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, an outdoor adventure wonderland and home to the legendary Kona Iron Man race. At 19°N we are a group of scientists, engineers, designers, and outdoor enthusiasts driven to create, innovate, and recreate. We believe in the balance between work and play and believe that technology has the power to make magic real and that the great outdoors transforms us into better people. We bring the two together to help everyone love the outdoors as much as we do.