HONU is the world’s first Active Cooling pack designed specifically for outdoor adventures in a changing climate.

Get Your Honu


ThermoCore® Active Cooling Technology provides up to 4 hours of active cooling.

Get Your Honu

NASA-inspired technology in a backpack

Honu is a personal cooling system that lowers your body temperature when outdoor temperatures hit 90-degrees or above. Maintain performance, extend your duration, and increase comfort.

A New Breed of Outdoor Climate Gear

We’ve spent the past decade developing ThermoCore® Active Cooling technology in collaboration with the United States Military for enhanced cooling gear in extreme environments

Cool Gear for Hot Environments

19°N is on the leading edge of a new wave in climate enhancement equipment

The World is getting Hot

2021 is already setting heat records and 100-degree heat days are becoming more frequent every year. From the “Heat Dome” over the pacific northwest to temperature records being shattered across the US, the earth’s climate is entering a new phase where small increases in global temperatures greatly increase the likelihood of big jumps in extreme heat. Get ready.

Is This the Best We Can Do?

When we looked at current solutions to stay cool outside we found zero good options. What the heck it’s 2021…It’s going to take more than a sun hat, a bottle of water, and a wicking t-shirt to survive outside.

A New Breed of Outdoor Gear

ThermoCore® was designed to maximize the extraction of metabolic body heat and work in conjunction with the human physiology of thermoregulation. 

The improved heat transfer capabilities of ThermoCore® enable a paradigm shift in active cooling technology as previous technologies were limited by rigid and bulky tubes that required significantly more cooling power which made a portable cooling pack impossible to create.

About ThermoCore® Active Cooling Technology

The patent pending ThermoCore®  technology uses a novel, thermally-conductive polymer material with incredibly high heat transfer properties. The tubing has been bio-mapped to the human body – optimizing spacing and placement of tubes to maximize heat extraction.

Honu - A New Breed of Outdoor Gear

Designed in Honolulu, Hawaii. An idyllic setting with a worldwide reputation for remarkable year-round outdoor recreation opportunities

Over 10 Years in Development

The ThermoCore® Active Cooling Technology powering the Honu pack has been more than a decade in the making. Extensive research, development, and military spec testing was conducted to develop a highly durable thermally conductive tubing that is able to operate in extreme environments.

  • How does the cooling work?

    The Honu pack uses ice and gel packs to create ice cold water that is circulated throughout the pack to keep you cool when it’s hot outside. Easily recharge your cooling reservoir in 10 seconds or less with a fresh ice or gel pack.

  • How long does the cooling last?

    The Honu’s cooling lasts approximately 3-4 hours when filled with 3 liters of ice or phase change ice packs. You can easily adjust the cooling duration as needed for whatever adventure you’re planning!

  • What happens when the cooling runs out?

    To recharge cooling, simply add more ice or swap out your ice pack for a fresh one. This can be done in 10 seconds or less with one hand.

  • Has anyone used or tested the Honu pack?

    Extensive R&D and military spec testing was conducted to develop Honu’s active cooling system. The Honu pack was then tested and refined with feedback from professional triathletes and avid hikers in Hawaii’s hottest and most demanding environments. In controlled laboratory testing, the Honu achieved twice the heat extraction of other wearable cooling products.

Designed by a Hawaiian team of engineers

On the leading edge of a new wave in climate enhancement equipment, the HONU pack is built to be a personal cooling system that lowers body temperature, increases comfort and extends the duration of hot-weather outdoor pursuits.

  • ThermoCore® Active Cooling Technology

    Embedded with a network of thermally conductive microtubes that cool your body.

  • H2O Powered

    HONU uses ice or gel packs to store cold in the pack's reservoir. Easy recharge in 10 seconds or less!

  • Hugs Your Body - Like a Turtle Shell

    "Honu" is the Hawaiian word for green sea turtle. The pack's SureFIT design minimizes bounce with a lumbar weight support system just like a comfy turtle shell.

  • Great Product Design

    Made of lightweight and durable taffeta nylon, the HONU includes a drop-in sleeve for a hydration reservoir and all the right pockets.