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Who We Are

At 19°N we are a group of scientists, engineers, designers, and outdoor enthusiasts driven to create, innovate, and recreate. We believe in the balance between work and play and believe that technology has the power to make magic real and that the great outdoors transforms us into better people. We bring the two together to help everyone love the outdoors as much as we do.

19N team

The History Behind The Technology

The ThermoCore® Active Cooling Technology was originally developed by the world class research and development lab Oceanit for the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy over the span of 6 years to lower the core thermal temperatures of personnel in extreme environments.

Originally implemented as a wearable cooling shirt system for US Navy shipyard welders working in dangerously hot conditions, the system included a shirt with integrated tubing and an external cooling cartridge that could be quickly swapped. Designed to be maximally conductive and work in conjunction with the body’s physiological responses to temperature, the cooling technology performed extremely well in lab testing, achieving twice the heat extraction of other wearable cooling products. But the real proof came from the field, naval shipyard workers were blown away by the cooling capabilities of our cooling shirt.


The HONU Pack

As 100-degree heat index days continue to increase globally, it’s going to take more than a sun hat and wicking t-shirt to operate outside. In Hawaii, we’re feeling the effects of climate change as rising seas and temperatures make it harder to comfortably do the activities we love.

On the leading edge of a new wave in climate enhancement equipment, the Honu Cooling Pack was designed to be the world’s first active cooling active cooling pack designed specifically for outdoor adventures - from mountain biking, hiking, to just staying active outside.

Taking our learnings from Navy welders our team tested prototype packs in the hottest conditions we could find as we sought a balance between performance and practicality. A wearable cooling system is a game-changer for the future of outdoor recreation as we shift into a hotter and more extreme climate.