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Super Cool Shirt - Pro by 19°N

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Super Cool Shirt - Pro by 19°N

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Super Cool Shirt - Pro

19°N knows workplaces can get hot. The Super Cool Shirt is designed to alleviate the heat stress found in workplaces - helping workers stay safe, comfortable, and productive in any environment. Weather you're sandblasting inside tanks in Arizona or welding hulls in Hawaii, the pack has you covered.  Originally developed in partnership with the US Army in desert environments and US Navy shipyard welders working in dangerously hot conditions, the Super Cool Shirt is ready to tackle all of your toughest and hottest work conditions.

How it works

The cooling shirt is designed to actively remove heat from the wearer's body by circulating cool water through patented, thermally-conductive polymer tubing integrated throughout the shirt. It leverages the body’s natural cooling biomechanics to reduce the experience of atmospheric temperatures by up to 30°F.

Industry-Leading Performance

Oceanit's advanced cooling garment delivers 3x the body heat extraction of market-leading cooling garments through through nano-material polymers with superior thermal conductivity, improved coolant circulation efficiency, and optimization of coolant temperatures/control to mitigate biological vasoconstriction.


The Super Cool Shirt uses ice or ice packs to deliver intense cooling power to users for up to 18 hours. Simply fill the included Cooling Chest with ice or ice packs and turn on to begin circulating water. To extend the length of cooling, simply empty the chest and replace with new cooling media.

Tech Specs

Volume: 20L Cooling Chest
Shirt Sizes: S, M, L, XL 
Maximum Cooling Duration: 18 hours
Number of Cooling Lines: 2